Police: Woman scammed victims out of $76,000 for tickets

Investigators say 40-year-old Leah Marie Evers fooled friends and others into believing she would come through with the tickets then fled with all the money.

One is the victims, Alison Echols, told FOX 5, she and Evers had met at the Starbucks on Duluth Highway in Lawrenceville near Highway 316 many times before.

But in all that time Echols didn’t know the true identity of Evers.

“We thought her name was Leah Lucky but she’s actually was going by an assumed name, she’s actually Leah Evers,” said Echols. 

She said Evers over a few years’ time had sold her tickets to Falcons games, concerts and other events.

So there were no red flags when Evers offered to sell her Super Bowl tickets at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

“I trusted her she had come through so many times with tickets that nobody else could get that there was just no reason not to believe her.” Said Echols.

Another victim told FOX 5 he lost about twenty-four thousand dollars via Pay Pal transfers to Evers. 

The victim, who didn’t want his name used, said Evers had a personal seat license at the Benz which he believed gave her wider access to exclusive tickets.

“And everybody fell for it hook, line and sinker because they had all had the same experience,” He said.
Police say losses are in the six figures, with several victims in Gwinnett County along with many others in Atlanta, Forsyth and Cobb Counties where arrest warrants have also been issued against Evers."

“It’s very possible that it’s close to a quarter million dollars with all the jurisdictions available. I know just here in Gwinnett with the few victims we have it’s almost a hundred thousand dollars,” said Corporal Wilbert Rundles with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

Police now have a nationwide alert on Leah Evers as her victims wait for justice to be served.
“I just want her to know we are never going to stop looking for her. She can run, she can hide but we are going to find her,” said Echols.

Gwinnett County Police also told FOX 5 it’s believed Evers scammed more victims in Florida.

Echols shared the following statement about Evers via her Facebook page with FOX 5:

"It has come to my attention today that this woman, who scammed, betrayed and stole from my family and many others is now reaching out to other friends asking for money, help and is playing the victim. That is the farthest thing from the truth. The only thing she is a victim of is greed and a lack of morals and respect. At this time, there are approximately 20 victims in this case including my family. She has stolen more than $200,000 from this group. Yes, that’s right!  Almost a quarter of million dollars! Please people, I beg you to share this. I want her face everywhere for all to see. People need to understand this woman is a FUGITIVE of the law at this time. She is wanted in Fulton County on felony charges and is facing dozens of felony charges in Gwinnett, Forsyth and Cobb counties and several surrounding states. Please to not give this woman money. If you do, you are aiding a fugitive. Share. Share. Share this posting please. No matter where you are. She must be stopped and held accountable for the damage she has done."