Police: Woman picked up on drug charge at Marietta motel wanted out of Florida for attempted murder

She was arrested on drug charges in Cobb County, but investigators now believe she is a wanted fugitive and may have been hiding in Georgia for months. Investigators are crediting solid police work and a bit of luck.

Police identify the woman as Sarah Elizabeth Harris gave officers several aliases before she gave up her real identity. The 26-year-old was arrested at the Days Inn on Northwest Parkway off Delk Road the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Officers were there doing routine surveillance after a community complaint about suspicious behavior at the Marietta motel. Police said they spotted Harris sitting in a Jeep in the parking lot.

Officers searched the vehicle and in her purse, police said they found several Georgia ID cards that did not belong to her. Police said officers also found an ID with her picture but different names and dates of birth. While this was happening, police said Harris kept giving different names and dates of births to the officers, tipping them off there was likely more to her story. One thing led to another and officers quickly learned the woman, later identified as Sarah Elizabeth Harris was, in fact, wanted out of Florida for allegedly being involved in a robbery and attempted murder over the summer.

Harris remains in the Cobb County Adult Detention Center as of Tuesday afternoon. She was charged with giving a false name and drug possession. She also is being held for the fugitive from justice warrant out of Florida.