Police: Woman killed after being thrown out window

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A woman has died after police say she was thrown out a second story DeKalb County apartment window.

Tammie White, victim’s friend says, “She was a very sweet lady. She would do anything for anybody.”

Tammie White’s good friend and neighbor the victim of a deadly fall out of an apartment window Monday morning.

DeKalb County police responded to The Reserve Apartments on Concepts 21 Drive at around 12:30 a.m.

Lt. Matt Ferreira, DeKalb County Police says, “It appears the female fell through a window of the apartment Her injuries at first were not considered life threatening.”

The 63-year-old woman suddenly took a turn for the worse and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

White says, “It happened so fast, that we are still asking why and what.”

According to police, the unidentified woman and 53-year-old Mikle Spann were involved in a relationship. Police say the couple argued, that argument turned physical. Spann was arrested and charged with murder in the case.

Spann’s sister and another relative told White the victim and suspect tussled after Spann reportedly came home drunk.

White says, “She ran in the sunroom and grabbed a vase to hit him over the head with and he grabbed her or something I don’t know to stop her from hitting him with the vase.”

Spann was on the scene when police arrived and was taken into custody.

White is devastated.

White says, “They were both really good people. Now two families have lost somebody they love.”