Police: Veteran's Gold Cross Stolen By Caregivers

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Gwinnett County Police believe two caregivers, hired to help an ailing WWII veteran, helped themselves to his family's valuable keepsakes-- including a gold cross. 

"I feel more violated because she took that, because it of what it was," said the wife, who only wants to be known by her first name Mary.

Mary said the gold cross, known as a scapular, was given to her husband by his daughter. The scapular, a Catholic memento, is inscribed with the text, "I'm a Catholic - Please call a priest," to alert responders in case of a health crisis.

Mary's husband suffers from Alzheimer's and needs daily assistance from hired caregivers.

"I had to admit, the only other people in my home were the caregivers," she said. I went to put my watch and my rings on. They weren't there. I was so upset," Mary said.

From rings, to earrings and necklaces, the jewelry stolen, worth $6,000, was mostly anniversary, Christmas and birthday presents.

Gwinnett Police said suspects Sharon Kimball and Terri McGill stole the items, and sold the items to local pawn shops; police also said Kimball's daughter pawned some of the items.

Most of the items Mary listed as stolen have been recovered.

Police, concerned there could be more victims, ask clients of the caregivers to do an inventory of their possessions.