Police search for gunman who killed Atlanta teenager

An Atlanta woman said her unarmed teenage son did not deserve to be killed outside a Family Dollar on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway.

Calesla Anderson said her 19-year-old son loved hanging outside of the discount store with friends.

On Oct. 3, Atlanta police said two groups got into a fight outside of the Wings and Philly restaurant. Jonathan's mother said he was originally trying to break up the flight, but ended up joining the altercation. The group that ended up losing the battle came back with guns.

Atlanta Police said three men fired off 14 rounds hitting Anderson several times.

His mother believes he was running away when he was shot.

"They were cowards. He was running and you shot him in the back. They were cowards. " Ms. Anderson reflected.

Over the weekend, the community remembered Jonathan with a candlelight vigil.

Atlanta Police said the three shooters are still on the run.

Anderson's mother said her son told her he would die in the streets.

She said he cheated death years ago when he and two other friends were stabbed. Jonathan was the only one to survive then, but that was not his fate this time.

"He was a good guy. He didn't deserve what he got," she said with tears in her eyes.