Police say they've captured 'crawling burglar' in Cobb County

Investigators call him the crawling burglar. Police in several cities are investigating a man who would break into a business then crawl around on his belly searching for cash to steal.

Since last September, a thief has been crawling through businesses across several cities and counties. Sometimes he'd hit 2 or 3 in one night.  Investigators say he got in by cutting the rubber stripping around a window, removing the window, then crawling in.

Surveillance video from Dickey's Barbeque Pit in Kennesaw shows a man crawling on his belly to the cash register.

"He went to the cash register first and then he dug under the cash register and went through the papers and found the key to the register," said Daniela Montes who works at the restaurant.

Investigators say he crawls so he doesn't set off any alarms with motion detectors.

'We have sensors but the sensor is only on the top," said Montes.

Soon word got out about this sneaky thief with his unique way of getting around.  Investigators from at least 15 police agencies, including Cobb, Cherokee, Woodstock, Marietta, Kennesaw, and Acworth, started comparing notes.

"Multiple other burglaries inside Cobb and other jurisdictions in metro Atlanta area have the same M.O.," said Cobb County Police Sgt. Wayne Delk.

Delk said he used the same entry, had the same belly crawl, and even often had on the same clothing.

"Over the course of many months we were looking for this specific burglar," said Sgt. Delk.

Last week, Marietta police finally caught up with the man they believe is the crawling burglar. They arrested 47-year-old Aron Major.

He faces multiple counts of Burglary and is currently in the Cobb County Jail.

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