Police say teens steal car, slam into police cruiser, fire shots toward officer

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In a highly charged atmosphere of police-involved shootings across the country, the Jonesboro Police Chief said he is proud of the actions of one of his officers when he encountered two teens in a stolen car. Chief Franklin Allen said the officer used tremendous restraint under fire.

Jonesboro Police said the teens were in a stolen car when they crashed head-on into a police cruiser. Authorities said the teens fired shots in the officer's direction as they took off running, but the officer made the decision not to fire back. Instead, the officer took cover until back up arrived.

"They fired two to three rounds at the officer. He told me, he said 'Chief, I just wasn't sure and I was worried about shooting a kid'" said Chief Allen.

Chief Allen said he is proud of Officer Michael Brayton and the decision he made, he said it may have saved a life.

"He did not return fire and could have easily taken out one of the suspects. I just think he exercised great calm under pressure," said Chief Allen.

Clayton County assisted Jonesboro Police and the teens were eventually caught. Authorities said the vehicle had been stolen from a used car lot in Forest Park.

The teens, ages 14 and 16, face numerous charges including two counts of aggravated assault, one for ramming the police cruiser, the other for firing at the officer. They are both in the Youth Detention Center.