Police say burglars were ready for confrontation

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Gwinnett County Police need the public’s help identifying two bold thieves. The crooked pair was caught on home surveillance video. The video shows one of the thieves pulling back the chamber on a handgun as if he was expecting a confrontation. And it all took place in broad daylight.

After kicking in a front door of a home on Chandler Drive, the two men are caught on camera rummaging through a home.

Burglaries are alarming enough, but it's the way these crooks entered the home that has police wanting them off the street very soon.

"It's very shocking that someone would have the gumption to be able to do that and go in there," said Cpl. Wilbert Rundles, Gwinnett County Police Department

Cpl. Rundles said they're thankful no one was home.

"The burglars were in the home 10 to 15 minutes. They took a gun, two gaming consoles, AR-15 mags with ammo, and a safe containing the victim’s social security card and birth certificate," said Rundles. "We're hoping someone will see this and be able to easily identify them because they're wearing distinctive clothing that has emblems maybe someone can recognize them."

Police don't know if they specifically targeted this home or if it's just a random, but they do want these two off the street before they hurt someone.

"If they're getting away with stuff that may cause them to be more bold in their actions, and continue erratic behavior and criminal behavior and we certainly don't want to do that so we'd like to stop them as quickly as possible," said Rundles.

Anyone who recognizes them should call Atlanta Crime Stoppers or the Gwinnett County Police Department.