Police respond to possible trespasser report at Suwanee HS, false alarm

A massive police presence can be seen outside of Collins Hill High School on Taylor Road in Suwannee.

According to the Gwinnett Police Department, an employee of the school reported a possible trespasser inside the school.

The police department was immediately alerted and responded. Once they arrived at the school, they began clearing the building. 

It is believed that the trespasser was an authorized construction worker.

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The students in the school are not in danger, according to the police department. 


"Clear and transparent two-way communication is a core value at Collins Hill High. It is a commitment to keep each and every family updated about important developments at our school. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you that shortly before 11 a.m. this morning, our school went into a hard lockdown. The lockdown was triggered when an administrator saw someone they did not recognize in the building and thought that person was carrying a weapon.

"In accordance with our safety and security protocols, police responded to our school and were quickly able to determine the person in question was not a threat and was in fact a contractor working in the building. To be clear, your student was not in any danger. The person was not a threat and did not have a weapon.

"I want to thank our students and staff for their cooperation in following our safety procedures. I would also like to thank Gwinnett County Police for responding quickly and ensuring our students and staff were safe."