Police release video of driver who almost pinned officer to ATM

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She almost ran down a Brookhaven police officer and then she ran from law enforcement in a high-speed pursuit. Brookhaven police are trying to find the reckless woman who led several squad cars on a 10-mile pursuit that was finally called off in downtown Atlanta Thursday morning.

Body and dash cam video recorded the police stop at the Chase Bank ATM at Northeast Plaza on Buford Highway of a woman driving a Mercedes with stolen tags. She speeds away when a Brookhaven officer tries to talk to her.

"She reversed a short distance, accelerated a short way, and in doing that actually pinned our officer up against the ATM. If they hadn't jumped up on to the ATM he would have been struck," said Sgt. David Snively with the Brookhaven Police Department.

Sgt. Snively said after the officer narrowly avoided serious injury after he joined a Chamblee police officer in the pursuit around 10 a.m. He and several other squad cars from Chamblee and Brookhaven joined in a short time later.

"This is about a ten-mile pursuit. It took place at speeds as low as 60 but as high as 100 miles an hour," said Sgt. Snively.

The woman's dangerous driving in and out of traffic threatened drivers like cabbie Antonio Hernandez who parks near the Chase ATM where the chase began.

"People like that are so irresponsible! I just can't believe she did that and ran away," said Hernandez.

Brookhaven police called off their pursuit after losing track of the woman in downtown Atlanta. Chamblee police lost the woman's car on Interstate 85 a short time later.

There's a $2,000 reward find this wayward woman who put so many at risk.

"That's somebody we're very concerned by and somebody we'll ultimately want to take into custody to find out what other criminal activity is taking place," said Sgt. Snively.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Brookhaven Police Department or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS.