Police officer lays on her children in bathtub as Georgia home is lifted by tornado

A horrifying experience for a police officer and her two young children in Upson County as a tornado lifted their home into the air.

"There's nothing left," said Emily Blackmon. "We have nothing left, but I'm thankful to be alive," said the Milner Police officer and mother of two.

She said the storm closed in on her home early Monday morning. She was listening to the radio when she heard her street mentioned. That's when she and her children jumped in the bathtub.

"It literally sounded like a train was coming through our house," said Blackmon. "It literally went in circles."

Blackmon laid on top of her kids and dogs as they sheltered in place. Her ten-year-old daughter started crying as the house whipped through the air. "She said, "Mommy are we gonna die? Are we gonna die?' I said, 'Baby, God's got us,' and I just started praying," said Blackmon.

She said the house was held to the ground by metal hurricane straps. After what seemed like several minutes, the house slammed to the ground.

"It got silent around the house. Everything got calm, and we were stuck in the bathroom, and I was just kicking walls to get out, and I ended up kicking through my son's room," said Blackmon. She got her children's shoes, and they ran to her car to get out of the storm's path.

Meanwhile, Blackmon's husband Jesse, on duty for Barnesville Police, was desperately trying to find them through the trees and rubble.

"I really thought I lost them, and that's a feeling I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy," said Jesse Blackmon.

The officers, so used to helping others, now need some help themselves. "Your pride wants to say, 'Hey, we got this. We can do this'," said Jesse. "But, your heart tells you, 'If there are people who will help, God bless them'," he said.

Despite the destruction, the Blackmon's said they are just thankful they are all able to walk away from this disaster.

"Stuff can be replaced. People can't," said Blackmon.

If you want to help the Blackmon's, click HERE for their GoFundMe.