Police: No kidnapping attempt, woman unharmed

Atlanta police confirmed the two men who were believe to possibly have forced a woman out of her car and then drove off with her in another vehicle, were not involved in a kidnapping attempt.

It happened Thursday morning in the D&D Plaza on Moreland Avenue in southeast Atlanta.

A witness told officers they saw the men get out of a white work van and take the woman out of her charcoal gray Infiniti.

The witness said the men then forced her into the van.

Police said one of the men drove off in the Infiniti while the other sped away in the van.

"The female victim was in the passenger seat of the Infiniti. There was a driver in the Infiniti. At this point, we do believe that the driver may have exited that vehicle from the driver's seat and assisted in removing the victim and placing her in the van," said Lt. Pete Malecki, Atlanta Police Department.
Investigators said they are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses to figure out exactly what happened.

"The angle that we currently have we're unable to actually see a physical struggle take place," says Lt. Malecki. "So, at this point, we're still in the early stages of the investigation trying to determine if this is indeed a kidnapping"

 A witness called police and told them what she saw. Investigators confirmed to FOX 5 Friday morning that the van was being used to transport disabled people. The struggle seen was from the woman being helped to the van. Police said the woman is safe.