Police meet over car burglary ring bust

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Criminals don't pay attention to city or county boundary lines. And metro Atlanta officers know that. Dozens of them accepted the College Park chief's invitation to get in one room and go over evidence gathered on one of the biggest and busiest smash and grab operations in North Georgia.

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Sgt. Marcus Dennard of college park labeled the gang, the "Big Six." All of them were arrested by East Point and College Park officers. Some property has been recovered, notably weapons, which are the number one item the car thieves go after.

In the meeting, the officers from Atlanta, East Point, Fairburn, Clayton County Police Department as well as lawyers from two offices of district attorneys, poured over evidence that they said closes 85 cases.

Their progress is tempered by the knowledge that another group, a younger gang of thieves 13 to 16 years old, is already working the streets. Dennard believes it is likely the gang leaders are trying to send instructions from their jail cells.

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