Police: Man, woman and 2 kids flee murder scene

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Gwinnett County police are trying to find a man, woman and two children who fled an extended stay hotel room where a deadly shooting took place.

Around 9:15 p.m. Thursday night, officers rushed to the Intown Suites on Steve Reynolds Boulevard.  That's where they found a Hispanic man, identified as 31-year-old Ivan Pastor-Vital, who had been fatally shot in a third-floor room. Witnesses who heard the gunfire tried to save the man's life.  

Investigators said hotel surveillance video showed four people leaving the room where the shooting took place. The four people included two adults, a man and a woman, along with two small children.  One of the kids wasn't wearing any clothes. Police think the child might've been in the bathtub or getting ready for bed when everyone left the room. All four were last seen walking away down Club Drive.

Police found a number of personal items in the room. The suspects and children were also carrying stuff as they fled. Officers located items that might belong to them in nearby woods.

Investigators know who the room was registered to, and they are now trying to determine if that is one of the two adult suspects. They also don't know the victim's relationship with the people staying in the room, what brought him there and what led up to the shooting.

Detectives describe the suspects as a Hispanic man and woman, both in their twenties or thirties. The children are both very young, 2 to 3 years at the oldest.  Police want to find them to get their side of the story and to make sure the children are okay.

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