Police: Man pretending to be Georgia officer made fake curfew stop

A man pretending to be a police officer made a traffic stop for violating a non-existent curfew related to the coronavirus pandemic, Gainesville police said.

Officils say the incident happened Tuesday night when an unknown man pulled over a driver in Gainesville in the area of Jesse Jewel Parkway and Limestone Parkway.

According to authorities, the man claimed he was a member of the Gainesville Police Department and pulled over the person due to "violating curfew."

Police are looking for the suspect, who they said had a blue light flashing from the inside his car when making the stop.

Officials say thye don't have a suspect description, but said that he may be driving a dark incolor Ford sedan.

While some other cities in Georgia have adopted curfews, there is currently no curfew policy in Gainesville.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.