Police investigate 'aggressive driving' incident reported by Muslim family

The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) is representing a family of five that says two men targeted them on a major interstate because of their Muslim faith.

The incident happened on Interstate 85 Saturday near the Chamblee Tucker Road exit. DeKalb County Police told FOX 5 News, at this time, it is investigating the case as an aggressive driving incident. CAIR attorney Murtaza Khwaja, who is representing the family, sat down with FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell Wednesday. He said the group believes two men in a white pickup truck swerved in front of them, at least twice, and made obscene gestures because of their faith. He also said the men's actions on the road put the family of five, including a husband, his wife, and three children, at risk.

"They were a little bit stunned, shocked and scared at the time," Khwaja told Mitchell. "The father is paying attention to the road. He has to slow down, narrowly avoiding a collision....While the children are in the backseat, they made these obscene gestures towards the family."

Khwaja said the wife captured video of part of the ordeal.

In the incident report obtained by FOX 5 News, investigators said they obtained a copy of the video. It is also written that the father told detectives his family was singled out because "his wife was wearing a hijab and his family is obviously Muslim."

When asked if the incident could have been a case of road rage, Khwaja stressed the men in the truck were unprovoked.

"There wasn't any incident between the family and the truck that would prompt any type of abusive response from them. The only thing that they can see and we can see is that the woman was wearing a hijab..." Khwaja said."...It's up to the police department, which we have full faith in of doing a thorough investigation, to find out the intent and all the details."