Police: Gunman fires on South Fulton home in retaliation for triple shooting

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Police are investigating a shooting at a home in South Fulton located in the same neighborhood as a deadly triple shooting.

"It was just a barrage, like a machine gun," said neighbor Rodrick Bolton.

Officials said at least one gunman fired at the home in the 5600 block of Two Lake Way around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. Case markers littered the road near the home, which had close to two dozen bullet holes and windows shattered. Police believe at least 20 bullets were fired.

"It's a mess. Glass everywhere. Bullet holes, holes in the wall, it's a mess," said Debra Jackson, a member of the victims' family said.

The gunman aiming for a second-floor bedroom where a woman and four children slept.

"They shot up the room that kids were in," said the victim who agreed it was a miracle no one was hurt by the bullets.

Wednesday's incident comes one day after 19-year-old Tyree Johnson, of College Park, and 16-year-old Grant Payton, of Riverdale, were shot and killed, and a 15-year-old was wounded outside a home on Two Lakes Circle on Tuesday. The shootings occurred in the same neighborhood and police think there's a connection.

"We have reason to believe the shooting occurred in retaliation for yesterday's shooting," said Detective Partrena Smith, South Fulton Police Department.

"They say it is retaliation. For what? To who?" asked Jackson.

While police believe the people who live here were specifically targeted, Jackson insists her family didn't carry out Tuesday's deadly ambush.

"I can understand whoever family member is lost you know they lost a family member I can understand that but still get your facts before you go and take out another family that don't have anything to do with it," said Jackson.

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"It was by the grace of God, no one got killed ‘cuz she was laying in bed with her babies," said Jackson.

No one was hurt in the shooting, officials said.