Police, family plead for help solving 2007 murder of young Atlanta man

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Atlanta police made a public plea for help Thursday to solve the 2007 murder of Courtney Lee. Police described Lee, a young construction worker, as one of the good citizens of Atlanta. 

Investigators and family members spoke Thursday about Lee's violent death. Nearly ten years later, no one understands what could have motivated someone to shoot and kill the 23-year-old Lee.

Mona Lee, his mother, stood alongside cold case detectives to appeal for leads in the case. 

The murder happened back in April of 2007. Lee, who lived on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, was leaving his apartment to go to a family event. A black man, who had his hair in dreadlocks, came up and began pistol whipping Lee. The attacker than shot Lee and drove away in a black Pontiac Grand Am, according to police.

A security guard heard the commotion and ran after the shooter. The guard fired at Lee's attacker, but missed. 

David Quinn, a cold case detective, said several people were on the street that evening. He hopes they will come forward and help police turn up new information. Quinn said there was a lot of "chatter" after the killing, but said that information never made it back to the homicide squad.