Police: Cousins accused of credit card fraud at business

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Conyers Police said the telltale signs of credit card fraud were evident as soon as Joel Greene started flipping through several credit cards to purchase hundreds of dollars-worth of liquor from a shop on Sigman Road on April 15.

"He had multiple cards with defective chips that would only work if you scanned them," said Conyers Police Captain Jackie Dunn.

According to Dunn, Greene was caught on camera the same liquor store doing the same thing in January, but he said green got away with it that time--which is why the owner apparently recognized green and called 911 as he held onto greens driver's license and credit card.

"You could hear Greene in the background yelling at the owner and threatening to punch him. The owner told them that he would be charged with corroboration if he came behind the counter and refused to give him his cards back," said Captain Dunn.

Green was charged with several counts of credit card fraud. His cousin, Henry Day, who was waiting for a car in a parking lot, was also charged with credit card fraud after a Conyers fraud investigator used the department's scanning device to determine the cards were fraudulently manufactured with financial information of unsuspecting consumers.

"This is why we tell consumers to check their balances monthly or weekly or even daily to make sure there's no fraudulent activity on their credit cards. These guys even used a fraudulent credit card to rent the BMW they were driving. They rented it two months ago and South Carolina and still had it all this time," said Dunn.