Police: carjackers ambush couple in rush hour traffic

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South Fulton Police are searching for a crew of armed robbers who shot a woman in the stomach as they stole a couple's vehicle.

The ordeal happened around 6 p.m. Tuesday near the intersection of Highway 92 and Jones Road.

According to police, the boyfriend stated he saw two men jump out of a car an ambush the couple on the driver's side and passenger side window; the woman was shot in the abdomen.

Witnesses told FOX 5 News they heard gunshots and saw the carjackers take off with the newer model Chevy Silverado.

Witnesses said strangers pulled over to help the victim and applied pressure to the wound.

The woman was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, and doctors were able to remove the bullet. She is in stable condition at the hospital, after losing a significant amount of blood.

The vehicle was recovered Tuesday night in the 3900 block of Campbellton Road.

Police are working on leads to find the perpetrators.