Police arrest suspect in Doraville teen's murder

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DeKalb County Police are have arrested a teenager suspected of shooting and killing a 17-year-old Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, police said they have arrested 19-year-old Carlos Bernal for the murder of 17-year-old Gerardo Cabrera-Perez.

The shooting happened around 3:15 p.m. at the Foxwood Apartments located in the 3800 block of McElroy Road. DeKalb County Police said they found Cabrera-Perez in the wooden gazebo area, right next to the playground.

Cabrera-Perez was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition after being shot multiple times to the abdomen, leg, and head, police said. He later died.

Cassandra Lopez said her friend was close enough to hear the gunfire.

"She did hear some gunshots, she actually lives behind the park," said Lopez.

Lopez said she knows Cabrera-Perez. She said they both went to the same middle school.

"I haven't seen him in a very long time and now we hear this devastating news," said Lopez.

As neighbors tried to make sense of a young life lost, the search was on for his killer. Throughout the evening officers circled the area in patrol cars as others searched from a helicopter.

As night fell, the gunman remained in hiding, putting many who live in the apartment complex on edge.

"I am worried, yes, because I have a 17-year-old sister, so it worries me," said Lopez.

Police have not said what the motive in the shooting was or how they identified Bernal. He's currently in custody charged with malice murder.