Police: 4 wanted for questioning in DeKalb County apartment mailroom theft

Police released a video Thursday evening of a robbing crew stealing mail from a DeKalb County apartment complex.

The video shows the suspects punch in a code to access the mailroom of the apartment complex. The video shows the suspect enter the mailroom and then stuffing backpacks full of packages once inside.

The incident happened on June 8.

Subject One (DeKalb County Police Department)

Suspect one wore a black T-shirt with a round white logo on the front and some writing on the back. He wore a black and blue backpack.

Subject Two (DeKalb County Police Department)

Suspect two was wearing a reflective vest, a jacket with a patch on the left shoulder, dark pants, glasses, and black shoes with white around the soles.

Subject Three (DeKalb County Police Department)

Suspect three was wearing a blue button-down shirt, blue shorts, and red tennis shoes with white laces.

Subject Four (DeKalb County Police Department)

Suspect four was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a red ball cap, black pants, and designer underwear. Both suspect three and four carried distinctive yellow bags with black stripes with a logo on the side and a unique number on top.

Anyone with information should call the DeKalb County Police North Central Precinct at 770-724-7780.