Police: 3 arrested after wild ride through Villa Rica

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Three people are behind bars in Caroll County after police said one of them lost control of a stolen vehicle while being pursued. Police said what started outside a store ended after several close calls with death and destruction in about 45 seconds when the driver lost control.

Villa Rica Police said it is a wonder no one was killed. Captain Keith Shaddix showed FOX 5 News the dash cam video of the pursuit. He said it started when police responded to a report of a stolen car at the Villa Rica Walmart. The driver, identified by police as 22-year-old Jonathon Bowman, of Carrollton, spotted police and took off. Police said Bowman struck a Villa Rica squad car and barely missing another vehicle in the process.

The video shows Bowman race across the intersection at Highway 61 where police said more traffic fatalities occur than anywhere else in the city.

"That's one of our worst intersections in the city. It's just a great fortune the light was green to cross over 61," said Capt. Shaddix.

After clearing the dangerous intersection, the video shows Bowman trying to outrun officers. He lost control of the car on Hickory Level Road around 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

After the dust settled, a damaged minivan is seen on the video. Police said it was hit on its front side by the stolen car rolling sideways. Two women in the minivan were not seriously hurt.

A passenger in the stolen car identified as 23-year-old Katie Ploof-Allen, who was also uninjured. She was arrested at the crash site and charged with theft by receiving.

"Very, very fortunate that the people were able to get out and walk away with relatively minor injuries," said Capt. Shaddix.

Capt. Shaddix said Bowman fled on foot and ran through a nearby cemetery before trying unsuccessfully to hide under a mobile home on Ridgeside Drive.

Emma Middlebrooks, who lives next door, saw police arrest Bowman.

"We saw like five police carrying this dude out all dirty and carrying him by his pants and shirt and they laid him out on the driveway right here," said Middlebrooks.

Bowman was arrested and treated for minor injuries. He faces numerous charges including hit and run, eluding police and theft by receiving.

"The fact that nobody was injured seriously in any of this is almost a miracle," said Captain Shaddix.

A third suspect, 28-year-old Kaylon Mason, was arrested back at the Walmart. She faces, among other charges, shoplifting and possession of meth.

He said Mason and Proof-Allen both have warrants on them from other counties and are being held at the Carroll County Detention Center.

Bowman is also at the same facility. He's being held without bond.