Police: 17-year-old suspect stabs brother, father

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Violence at a Lawrenceville home has landed a father and his son in the hospital, and another family member in jail.

The teen was captured not far from his home on Spring End Court in unincorporated Lawrenceville where the double stabbing occurred. Gwinnett County Police arrested 17-year-old Maximilano Cardenas Garcia arrested not far from his home shortly after the standings of his older brother and father.

The next door neighbor says he was concerned for his young nephew’s safety when the teenager’s whereabouts were unaccounted for.

“My nephew told me something was going on. I told him to stay inside because there was a lot of cops out there.” said Fredie Garcia, the next door neighbor.

Crime scene investigators removed bags of evidence after the stabbings of Garcia’s family members after an argument.

“During this argument the suspect pulled out some sort of implement I’m still not sure what it was that he used but later when he was caught he had a pair of scissors with him,” said Sgt. Jake Smith.

Neighbor Robert Pawlowski said up until this day, there has never been any obvious problems at the home or with the suspect.

“I saw him a lot of times working with the doggie you know they got the small doggie. Normal kid you know,” said Pawlowski, who went on to explain he was surprised by the incident.

Garcia was transported to jail on two counts of aggravated assault. His 24-year-old brother and 47-year-old father were rushed to the hospital after a violent afternoon in the usually quiet neighborhood.

“No issue with neighbors, no with burglaries or anything like that,” said Pawlowski, who also said this was the first time a police presence like this one has been in the neighborhood.

Other family members at the home where the stabbing occurred did not want to speak publicly. Police said by all accounts the suspect has not been in trouble before.

“He was reportedly a smart good kid. That’s neighbors and friends and family saying that,” said Sgt. Smith.

He said Garcia’s father and older brother were recovering in the hospital and were expected to recover.

As of late Friday night, Garcia was still being held at the Gwinnett County Detention Center.