Police: 12-year-old involved in Buckhead crime spree

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Atlanta police say a 12-year-old child took part in a crime spree with teens that ended with stolen items scattered on Buckhead streets and gunplay. 

The incident happened Saturday morning after a shot was fired, waking up the neighborhood along Peachtree Memorial in south Buckhead. 

That shot went into a car window as one of the thieves apparently grew impatient trying to enter a vehicle. The car was unoccupied. 

On another street, one of the robbing crew pulled a gun on a motorist who was unloading groceries. He was told to turn over his keys, but he did not do that and ran away. 

Police ran the vehicle the robbing crew used. It had been stolen out of Gwinnett County. Multiple cruisers responded and the young people decided they would make a run for it on foot. 

Captain Anthony Singh heard the radio and went to an area where he thought all three might run. Two of them did. Singh was waiting and helped capture the boy and a 17-year-old named Tyshawn Lorm. A third young person remains on the loose. 

Authorities disclosed that one of the weapons used in the crimes belonged to an APD officer. It's not clear whether that weapon had been taken in a burglary or a car crime.