Parents on alert after report of an attempted child abduction at playground

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Parents in Spalding County are on alert after reports of an attempted child abduction.  

The incident reportedly happened at Orchard Hill Park on Tuesday evening. 

A woman named Nora Jean says she was at the park when she saw a woman who looked suspicious.

Nora Jean says she saw the woman talking to a little boy, no more than 5 years old, and says something didn't seem right. 

"As I got up on her, she swung on me and if I knew what I know now, that lady wouldn't have gotten away," said Nora Jean. 

Nora Jean says she didn't know what the lady was up to but wasn't taking any chances. 

"I grabbed him by the hand and I told him to go home and he turned around and looked at me and said 'I was just trying to help her find her puppy' I told him there was no puppy," said Nora Jean.

Nora Jean says the lady got into a white, late 90's Aerostar van with a chrome piece on the side door missing.  

Mayor Robert Morgan was in the park Thursday evening.  

"Very concerned about this, this is one of our favorite parks we have kids here all the time," said Mayor Morgan.

Spalding County Sheriff's Investigators have now stepped up patrols. They're keeping a lookout for the van and the woman who is described as white, thin woman about 5 foot 8 with blond shoulder-length hair.  

Investigators met with Nora Jean and released a sketch on Friday.

The description of the woman at the park is similar to the description of a woman who was reportedly knocking on doors posing as a DFCS worker back in July. Investigators are trying to determine if there's a connection between the two cases. 

The Spalding County Sheriff's Office said the woman may also be responsible for an attempted child abduction on Main Street in Milner, Georgia Friday night.

"Please call and report any suspicious activity as soon as possible," the post said.