Georgia woman celebrates 104th birthday with parade

Loved ones gathered in East Point to celebrate a momentous occasion, the 104th birthday of their family's matriarch Pauline Beasley.

A special parade was held Saturday in East Point to honor the mother of 9.

Pauline and her loved ones waived as motorcycles and cars lined the streets outside her home.

"She's amazing, she is amazing. We usually go to the Hawks game or do stuff like that, but this is the safest thing to do. And it's always easy to get family together. My family really sticks together no matter what," a family member said.

Pauline Beasley will soon turn 104 years old. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

Pauline is a longtime Atlanta Hawks fan. In January 2020 Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins presented her with a customized jersey.

Hawks mascot Harry the Hawk even stopped by Saturday to help celebrate the special occasion.

Harry the Hawk celebrates Pauline Beasley's 104th birthday in East Point. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

Pauline said she doesn't have a secret to longevity, but she is thankful to be able to see another year of life.

"I'm just happy to be here," Pauline said.

"She got a humble spirit. She got a loving spirit," another family member noted.

"My mama always quoted to us poems and scriptures when we got up in the morning," Pauline's daughter said.

Pauline turns 104 next week.