On the loose: Man chokes and rapes estranged wife at knifepoint, police say

Gwinnett County police are searching for a 40-year-old man, who allegedly choked and raped his estranged wife in her apartment on Centerview Drive while holding her at knifepoint and the violence didn't stop there.

“She’s able to get away and break free from that,” said Cpl. Wilbert Rundles, Gwinnett County Police. “As she's trying to get away from him, he comes after her again, even ramming her vehicle with his vehicle.”

Police released images pulled from body camera video, when the man reported the domestic dispute to police.

But investigators said he failed to mention the majority of the details – blanks filled in by the wife's report, made shortly later that day.

“When the officers make contact with her, they're able to put together the entire situation and the severity of it,” Rundles said. “And when they go back to speak with him further about it and investigate that portion of it, they're unable to make contact with him.”

Police believe this isn't the first time he has acted violently towards the victim and won't be his last, unless he is quickly taken into custody.

“Someone that would take the steps to do this to anybody, but especially to their own spouse, who they claimed to have loved, is going to have no regard for their safety [or] for anyone else's safety,” Rundles said.

Police are urging anyone with information on the man’s whereabouts to contact Crime Stoppers.