Officials uses pepper spray during fight at Lithonia High School

School officials say pepper spray was used to regain control during a fight at Lithonia High School on Thursday.

Few details have been released about the incident, but in a letter sent home to parents and guardians, the school says several students were involved in the afternoon altercation.

School officials, as well as campus police and security, responded and attempted to separate the parties.

"...the altercation intensified, requiring the use of OC (Oleoresin capsicum) spray to regain control," the letter reads in part.

It was not immediately clear if any students were injured in the scuffle.

The school was placed on lockdown until order was fully restored.

"Our school has a strict policy against physical altercations. Any violations of the District’s 2023-2024 Code of Student Conduct and relevant laws will be fully utilized to address today’s incident, and all parties involved," the letter reads in part.

School officials again asked parents and guardians to make sure their children know about the consequences of such actions.

No word on the disciplinary actions taken or if any of the students will be criminally charged.