Officers use Narcan to save two brothers overdosing on drugs

Smryna police officers found two brothers collapsed inside a Wendy's overdosing, moments away from death. The officers were equipped with the overdose-reversing drug, Narcan, and they were able to save the men's lives.

The Department says this was all made possible because one Cobb County woman bought Narcan for not only Smyrna police but multiple other Cobb County departments as well.

When the officers were called to respond to the Wendy's on South Cobb Drive, they found one brother passed out in the main restaurant area and the other unconscious in the bathroom.

The officers started chest compressions and administered Narcan to both the brothers.

"It was no immediate reaction," said Officer Taylor Elliot. "It took three, five, seven minutes to regain consciousness," said the officer of the men waking up after receiving the drug.

Moments later, both men were able to speak with officers.

Their family now has a second chance. "The mother of two boys showed up to the scene," said Officer Elliot. "She said this is something they struggle with, but she was incredibly happy about the fact that her sons were saved," said Elliot.

These two men are two of dozens of people saved after one woman donated money to purchase the Narcan and the training to use it. She lost her son to an opioid overdose and now runs Community Squared, a group that raises money to outfit area departments with the life-saving drug.

"This is a necessity for every police department," said Elliot.

The officer who fought to keep those men alive says he hopes they are on a path to a healthier life.

"Seek help, go into a program, surround yourself with people who care about you so you can get past the need or the want to use these narcotics that almost caused you and your brother to lose your life," said Elliot.

Smyrna police say the men who overdosed will not face charges.