Newton County special needs teacher, boyfriend arrested on drug charges

A teacher and her boyfriend sold cocaine and marijuana out of the teacher's apartment on crossing boulevard, according to a Henry County drug taskforce commander.

"We can confirm that we did have a pre-K teacher at Livingston Elementary school arrested over the weekend," Newton County schools spokesperson Sheri Davis remarked,

Newton County teacher Alma Jones found herself out of the classroom and on the wrong side of the law this weekend. The special needs pre-K teacher was charged with trafficking in cocaine, felony possession of marijuana, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Investigators also found $11,000 in cash in the apartment.

The Flint Drug Taskforce arrested the 33-year-old first-year teacher in her Henry County apartment Friday with her boyfriend, Adrienne Barlow.

Ms. Jones was being held without bond as of Monday and has been told she is not allowed back at Livingston Elementary School where she taught.  She is on paid leave pending the district's investigation.

Her next court date was not immediately known.