New leads pour in as police search for fake cop assaulting women

Two metro Atlanta law enforcement agencies are searching for a man they say is posing as a cop, pulling women over, then sexually assaulting them. Cobb County Police told FOX 5, they've received numerous leads from the community.

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"We've had good viable tips, but we just haven't been able to charge anyone so we hope the community continues to call in with any information," Cobb County Police Sergeant Wayne Delk said.

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The two incidents happened during the early morning hours on March 9. Police say the first woman was assaulted in northwest Atlanta, then less than four hours later around 4:45 a.m., police say another woman reported a similar incident in Cobb County.

"She said she was pulled over by what she thought was a police vehicle," Delk said. "Then when the driver approached her, they had a brief interaction before she said he groped and sexually assaulted her."

Atlanta Police and Cobb County released two sketches of the man they believe is responsible.

"They are eerily similar," Delk said.

With an attacker on the streets and not yet behind bars, Sergeant Delk said drivers remain fearful they will be victims next.

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"We've had women call during the night to see if they're actually behind pulled over," Delk said. "We understand that this has caused fear and apprehension."

Police said both women described the man as a white male in his 30s. 

"He was wearing something that looked like a police uniform and he had a gun, taser and radio the women said," Delk said. 

Police say information from the public may be key in finding the suspect. 

"We don't want someone impersonating us and sexually assaulting women," Delk said. "We are following up on every lead. We are actively looking for him and desperately want to get him off the streets."