New dashboard sheds light on Georgia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout

We now have a better idea of how well Georgia's COVID-19 vaccine rollout is going. 

The state started publishing a new and much more detailed online vaccine dashboard. The dashboard, which is posted on the Georgia Department of Public Health's website, breaks down both statewide and individual county vaccine numbers.

Monday night's posting shows 1,445,835 shots have been administered in Georgia. More than 1 million people have gotten at least one dose and over 400,000 are now fully vaccinated. According to the dashboard, 74% of the nearly 2 million doses shipped to Georgia have been administered.


Small Miller County in Southwest Georgia has the state's highest number of vaccinations per 100,000 residents, with 36.5% of its residents getting at least one shot and 21.4% getting two.

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On the flip side, just outside of Columbus's Chattahoochee County has the smallest percentage of people who've gotten any shots at 1.1%. Newton County has the lowest completely vaccinated numbers, with only .1% of residents getting both shots.

Among the large metro Area counties, Fulton leads the way with 13.6% of its residents getting at least one shot and 6.5% being fully vaccinated. Cobb comes next at 9.1% and 4.1%, followed by DeKalb at 7.7% and 3.4%, and then Gwinnett back at 4.8% and 1.4%.

You can look up your own county and see the statewide numbers by clicking on this link.

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