Musician raising money during Wheel 2 Live Tour

A musician and Disability Rights Activist plans to roll 30 miles per day for a total of 302 miles to raise money for people in need of wheelchairs.

59-year-old Frank Barham has been using a wheelchair for 34-years.

His adjustment from walking to using a wheelchair was very difficult, however he can sincerely say that, today, he feels extremely fortunate to live the life he lives.

Frank recently released an EP called ‘Levitating' with his band Brazilian Fusion.

While thinking about ways to promote his music, he realized he wanted to make his music about more than him making a living and the approach of the 25th anniversary of ADA provided the opportunity and inspiration for him to do just that.

He decided he wanted to celebrate this incredible milestone in American Civil Rights and its impact on his life by paying forward his good fortune and raising money for people with disabilities who don't have access to a quality wheelchair.

This was his inspiration for the Wheel 2 Live Tour.

FOX 5's Pete Dawood spoke to Barham about his plan.

"I will be going through states like Oxford, Conyers, Madison, Milligville, Sanderville, Statesboro and finishing in Savannah," said Barham.

During his journey, Barham will be stopping for performances to the raise money to buy the wheelchairs.

Barham is inviting other wheelchair users, cyclists and anyone else who wants to celebrate the anniversary of ADA to join him on any leg of the tour.

The tour will culminate with a final performance in Savannah.