More Georgians report COVID-19 vaccination registration issues

Older Georgians are frustrated as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues.

"My bottom line is, how can I get an appointment to get the vaccine?" questioned Pansy Thompson of Marietta.

Many Georgians 65 years of age and over are still frustrated as they try to make appointments for what is hoped to be the vaccine that gets America back to normal.

In Cobb County, the cars lined up at Jim Miller Park was steady, but many seniors told FOX 5 they cannot get through to make an appointment.

So, Pansy Thompson jumped in her car and drove to the site.

"I've been trying to sign into this system since early Monday morning and have not been able to. When I arrived here she said, ‘Ma'am, I do not know why you are having problems, but you have to have an appointment,’" Mrs. Thompson remarked.

Sue Landa is a retired chemistry teacher in LaGrange. She and her husband have underlying conditions, but after two days of trying, they have not been able to set an appointment.

"I called and I called and I called. It was incredibly frustrating. I would finally get through and say I got it now, then it would say the cue is filled up," Mrs. Landa complained.

But everyone is not having problems.

"It was a smooth operation. It was unbelievable. It was great," Jane Fairbairn said with s smile.

The Georgia Department of Public Health encourages seniors to keep calling and logging in. As of Tuesday at 12 p.m., more than 229,900 doses of vaccine have been administered and that number continues to rise.

Seniors like Thompson will remain vigilant until they get an appointment.

"Anybody looking at me. I got gloves on, double masks on. I don't want to pass this virus to my relatives or anybody," Mrs. Thompson concluded.

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