Mom, 2 daughters stabbed in violent confrontation

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A mother and her two daughters were stabbed in a violent confrontation in Clayton County Tuesday night. The mom says it all started outside a local library. 

"I heard my youngest daughter slump over and say she stabbed me, momma," said Sophia Hill. 

Hill says she and her daughters had just left the library, not far from their Clayton County home, when they ran into an old neighbor. 

Hill says there was bad blood in the past, and the minute they saw each other, they started arguing. According to Hill, she got in her car and started to drive away, but she says the old acquaintance pulled out something sharp. 

"I didn't really see it because I went into mother-mode, so I didn't really see what it was but it had to be a knife because she stabbed them pretty good," said Hill. 

Hill's 17-year-old daughter was stabbed in the side. Her 19-year-old daughter was stabbed in the side and the arm. Sophia Hill jumped in to help her daughters. 

"I got out of the car to get her off of them and she reached back and stabbed me," said Hill. 

Hill says the woman who stabbed her daughters took off running. Both of the daughters were rushed to the hospital.  

Police surrounded Hill's car at their home on Shannon Circle and went through it for evidence. There was plenty of blood on the inside doors and seats.  Hill's not concerned about her car, she just wants to know her daughters will be okay. 

"I'm just worried about my kids right now," said Hill. 

Family members say they saw police cars at the home of the woman who Hill says stabbed them.

Clayton County Police have not yet confirmed they've made an arrest in the case.