Missing 12-year-old DeKalb County boy found

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A missing 12-year-old DeKalb County boy was found early Friday evening and was being questioned by police. The boy had been missing since Wednesday and his family had feared the worst.

Within a half hour of New Talk 106.7’s Christy Hutching’s story airing on FOX 5 News at 5, police said they located the child.

Anthony Randolph never returned home from school on Wednesday. His parents said he got on the wrong bus intentionally with plans to run away, but something went wrong on the bus. They said they were worried someone has him.

The school resource officers are handling the investigation, but as of Friday afternoon, the DeKalb County Police Department has not become involved in the search.

His parents have been talking with students who were on that bus. They've heard stories that Anthony got in a car with an older man. They also heard Randolph was pulled in that car.

His parents said he's an honor roll student who has never ran away in the past.

"When he wasn't home by 5. It went from bus late to something not right now. That's when I knew Something was wrong," his father Anthony Randolph said.

Randolph's father said he's learned his son may have had plans to run away. He said Randolph got on a bus that wasn't his bus. He said while on the bus, his son was bullied, and eventually was dropped off at Hairston Place, which is not his normal stop. There, students said he got in a black car with an older man.

"I feel like after getting on wrong bus that he was a child crying on street, look broke, and somebody approached him and talked him into getting in the car, said ‘Hey, I will take you home or to my place… and he's had him ever since," his father said.

His father also has been told by children on the bus his son was pulled in the car. A Levi’s Call, Georgia’s Amber Alert System, was not activated for Anthony Randolph.

"They're making it as a runaway because he got into car willingly but there were more than one story. How could you just choose one story over the other," his father exclaimed.

DeKalb County Schools issued a statement which reads:

“DCSD continues to gather information and follow all leads. We are concerned about the well-being of this young man”

DeKalb County Schools would not comment on questions of how a student was able to get on the wrong bus because officials said it was an ongoing investigation.

No word on where Randolph was for those two days.