Milton police warn parents about man who approached young children

The Milton Police Department is increasing patrols in the Kingsley Estates neighborhood after a man approached three young children playing in their front yard.

"It makes no sense for an adult to ask a child to help them find something," said the father of the three children. He said the encounter began as his kids were all playing in the driveway of their home.

"A car pulled up to the end of the driveway, per the kids, and a guy lowered his window and told them there was a lost kid in the woods, and at the edge of our property is some treeline," said the concerned parent.

Seconds later, the kids say that stranger, driving a red or dark-colored sedan, made a move.

"The man started to open the door and that's when they sprinted into the garage and shut the door behind them," said the father.

The Milton Police Department posted a warning on Facebook about this incident, urging parents to be on the lookout for a tan to a light-skinned man with sunglasses, driving slowly through neighborhoods. they've stepped up patrols in the Kingsley Estates neighborhood.

"If your sixth sense goes off, and something doesn't appear to be right, there's no harm in calling us," said Milton Police Department Captain Charles Barstow.

They say the fear of this strange man isn't over yet.  "You always worry that they've seen your children, they know where you live, and if it was a trafficking scenario, they're a target for that now--we'll be worrying about it for a while now," said the concerned father.

The Milton Police Department is asking neighbors who may have surveillance to share it with so they can get a better description of the man and the car he was driving. 

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