Midtown Atlanta residents still displaced after crane collapse

In a shocking incident on Monday, the tranquility of Midtown Atlanta was shattered as a massive crane counterweight came crashing down, leaving over a thousand residents in a state of uncertainty. The incident occurred at the Tens on West apartment building, forcing residents to hastily evacuate their homes and seek alternative accommodations.

Sierra Martin, one of the affected residents, described the terrifying moment, stating, "I was in the middle of a phone call yesterday and then I heard a loud slam." The sudden collapse of the crane counterweight not only disrupted the lives of the residents but also raised concerns about their safety and well-being.

Atlanta Fire swiftly responded to the incident, announcing that the entire building and the surrounding area would remain closed until the crane could be safely dismantled. The uncertainty surrounding the timeline for the dismantling process has left residents grappling with the inconvenience of finding temporary living arrangements.

Sierra Martin, while expressing her frustration, said, "We have a lot of young families and kids. I work from home, a lot of other people work from home, so it's just not an ideal situation." The disruption caused by the crane collapse has had a profound impact on the daily lives and routines of the affected residents.

Investigations into the incident have brought attention to the city's permit records for the job site. FOX 5 Atlanta examined these records and found no violations posted, indicating that the project had been deemed compliant with safety regulations. The records also revealed that city inspector had visited the site less than two weeks ago and approved the ongoing work.

In response to inquiries, a spokesperson for the general contractor on the site, Balfour Beatty, stated, "The crane was successfully stabilized and now requires dismantling. The Balfour Beatty team, crane engineers, OSHA, and local authorities are currently working to develop a crane dismantling plan and timeline." The contractor emphasized their cooperation with government officials to determine the cause of the crane collapse.

A similar incident happened in 2021 when a tower crane near the 1100 block of West Peachtree Street was leaning precariously and in the danger of collapsin.

The road was shut down and multiple buildings were evacuated during that incident, including 3 residential buildings, parking decks and a handful of restaurants. During that incident, it took almost 2 weeks for the crane to be safely dismantled.