Metro Atlanta 16-year-old wins McDonald's mural contest

A 16-year-old has won McDonald's inaugural Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Mural Project.

Ally Taylor's winning design will be featured on six McDonald's billboards across the city.

The honor is personal to Ally and her family.

Her brother Riley had a heart failure and needed a transplant to survive.

He had a successful transplant in April and relied on the Ronald McDonald House for support.

"My biggest inspiration, of course, was my brother and his struggle because I know he was going through a lot," she said.

Taylor also received a $5,000 reward for her efforts.

As for her brother, he's doing well according to their mother Erica Dowdy.

"It's amazing how he went from literally not being able to eat, walk, or even talk," Dowdy said. "Now he's up, and he's moving, and I got to see him run for the first time in months."

The family says the Ronald McDonald House has been amazing to them through the medical journey.