Covington great-great-grandmother celebrating her 106th birthday

A Covington woman is celebrating a pretty incredible birthday this week.

Martha Malcolm turns 106 years old on Thursday.

Malcolm has experienced a lot in her 106 years. She's lived through part of World War I, World War II, and was born before the traffic signal or the pop-up toaster were invented.

She was born in Logan County. That's where she met her husband. They got married when she was 16 years old.

Martha's daughter, Gail Mobley, says a justice of the peace married her parents while they were still sitting in the car.

When asked where she got married, Malcolm joked, "in the road!"

"She had the first drive-in wedding," Mobley said while laughing.

Over the years Malcolm's family grew. She had five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and eight great-great-grandchildren.

Mobley says her mother has always done her best to keep up with the younger generations over the year.

"She decided she wanted to ride a motorcycle on her 95th birthday, so our nephew came up with his ... one of those fast motorcycles, put her on the back of that thing, and it took off," she said.

When Martha wasn't on a motorcycle, she was on a plane.

"She's been around the world. She's seen a lot, so she's blessed and we are blessed," Mobley said.

This year the celebration will be a bit quieter - just time with family and maybe a cake as long as it's the right flavor.

"No, I don't like chocolate," Malcolm said.

She says she's already looking forward to her next birthday party.

"I was asking her the other day, I said, ‘Well mother what are you going to tell them when they come out, how you lived to be 106?’ She said 'Because I'm going to outlive you all, I'll be here next year,'" Mobley said.

Martha echoed the sentiment, tell FOX 5 "see you next year!"

From all of us here at FOX 5, happy birthday, Mrs. Malcom!