Many parents are stressed about back-to-school expenses; how to talk to your kids about it

Between record-high inflation, steep gas prices, and the need to buy hundreds of dollars in clothes and supplies for a new school year, parents have a lot on their plates right now.

Anchanese Levison, a licensed professional counselor with Thriveworks Decatur Counseling and Life Coaching, says many of her clients who are parents are feeling stretched and stressed.

However, Levison says, money is a big source of anxiety right now.

If you are feeling stressed, she recommends thinking about what is making you anxious, and what you can do right now about it.

"Even if it's financial," Levison says. "Maybe we need to look at a plan of carpooling, to be able to decrease some of the costs, especially for our lower income families. Just being realistic about what we are facing. Not putting our head in the sand, and acting as if it's normal. For some people, this is the status quo, because this is what it has been."

If you are struggling to buy school supplies and new clothes, Levison says, be honest with your child about that.

"Letting them know what you all's situation is," she says. "If you're affluent, you're affluent. If you are not, you are not. And, (you are) giving your children that reality check, that, 'No, I may not be able to buy you the Jordans, and I may not be able to get you the name brand backpack. But, what you will have is a pair of shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry."

Levison recommends talking with children about your financial priorities and coming up with a plan that may be able to help you reduce non-essential costs.