Man 'upskirts' woman in Henry County grocery store

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Henry County police are asking for the public's help to identify a man who took a picture up a woman's skirt at the Kroger on Hudson Bridge Road in Stockbridge on June 14. 

FOX 5's Deidra Dukes spoke with the victim, Karen Morales. "The last thing we should have to worry about when we are buying groceries is whether or not we are safe."

Morales was still shaken days after the disturbing incident. She said she was in the checkout line, the cashier was ringing up her groceries when it happened. "He came into my personal space, he touched me, he assaulted me when I didn't want him to. He didn't have my permission."

Police distributed surveillance photos of the man who, they say was captured on surveillance video crouching behind an unsuspecting Morales, positioning his cell phone up under her dress, and snapping a picture. 

According to Henry County Police Sgt. John Davis, Morales, "felt something touching the rear of her left leg, she looks back".     

Morales described what happened next. "He claimed he was tying his, and I said if you are tying your shoe why are you  touching the back of my leg."                                                
Morales said the man became agitated when she confronted him, denying what he had done and refusing to let her see his phone.  She alerted management and called the police.  

The man left the store before officers arrived. His picture and the details of the case are now posted on the department's Facebook page. Police say he'll be charged with use of a device to film underneath an individual's clothing, a felony.

Anyone with information to contact the Henry County Police Department.