Man launches investigation after his entire business is stolen

A Bartow County man's entire business was stolen. 

Christopher Guice always dreamed of owning his own food truck. Last spring he opened Sweet P'z.

"I got the best chicken this side of the Mississippi and the best burgers this side of Texas," said Guice. 

Guice goes to businesses, events and catered parties. He had parked his truck at the "A. Dam Food Truck Park" in Bartow County. When he came to get it Sunday morning, the trailer was gone. All that was left was the broken lock on the ground.

"I didn't know what was going on," said Guice.

Guice called 911.  Investigators told him an SUV was stolen from a nearby hotel about the same time. Guice checked surveillance video and saw the SUV that was stolen, hauling his trailer down the road.

He knew he couldn't rest until he found "Sweet P'z".

"I named it after my mom.  I lost my mom two years ago to cancer, so it means a lot to the whole family, and it's a must this business thrives," said Guice.

After trying numerous ways  to find the trailer, Guice realized the point of sales system that takes credit cards was still in the trailer. He finally convinced someone from the company to give him the exact location.  

"I gotta give a shout-out to Poynt by GoDaddy, they were my only hope," said Guice.

The trailer was in DeKalb County. Guice found it in the parking lot of a motel off I-285.

Guice says when the thieves took his food trailer, his livelihood, they didn't realize how hard he would work to get it back.

"They had the right plan, but they had the wrong man," said Guice.

Guice warns other business owners, whether they have food trucks or work trailers, to make sure to have some type of tracking device in the vehicle, just in case they ever have to find it.