Man jumps from second-floor window to escape gunman

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A Fulton County homeowner went to great lengths to run from a gunman, even jumped out of a second-floor window to escape.

It happened on Big Sage Drive in the Union Crossing subdivision. Fulton County Police said 51-year-old Wilber Wiggins was still shot in the back by an unknown gunman.

Sam Williams said he still cannot believe such violence happened in his upscale neighborhood.

"All of a sudden I hear this loud bang. We came running to the door and there's my neighbor at the door. He said Sam, ‘I have been shot,’" said Williams.

"He said some guys tried to rob him. He said he didn't know the guy. So, what he did was run back into his house upstairs, and what he did was jump out the window," Williams said.

Williams said the gunman left on foot and paramedics rushed Wiggins, who neighbors said works for McDonald's corporate offices, to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Fulton County Police are asking anyone who knows anything to give them a call.