Man Arrested for String of Auto Break-ins

In the FOX 5 Newsroom, we receive reports nearly every single day of car break-ins in nearly every single city in metro Atlanta. The problem is that bad. So, when there is an arrest there often times are a lot of celebration in those cities. People are hoping that the crimes will stop and that some people will get their property back.

Police dash cam video in Peachtree City actually captured their suspect exiting a car that he had allegedly just broken into as the patrol car was coming down the street.

The man Peachtree City Police arrested for 26 felony car break ins is 26-year-old Kevin Lee Taylor. Turns out, the Peachtree City man lived very close to the neighborhoods that were being victimized.  Police said cars were broken into and valuables stolen.

“It was a crime of opportunity.  He was just opening car doors and picking up everything from loose change to a gun that stolen, which was unsecured in a vehicle. It was very fortunate that we covered the gun. We don’t want that laying around,” said Lt. Mark Brown of the Peachtree City Police Department.

Police said Taylor was breaking into to unlocked cars. They said it was a reminder that no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is to still lock your car.

“We love our residents feeling safe here.  And helping us out and staying connected on our social media but they need to take responsibility to lock up their valuables. Don’t leave things out. Lock your car,” Brown said.

When police posted news of the arrest on their department Facebook page, residents expressed both anger and relief over Taylor’s capture.

One woman wrote: “This is the guy who broke into and stole from my Papa.  Thank you Peachtree City Police. Heroes. Sending hugs and kisses.”

Peachtree City Police say they found that video of Kevin Lee Taylor breaking into a car after his arrest and called it a stroke of luck in their investigation.