Man arrested for detaining hit-and-run suspect, Atlanta police say

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating the fake arrest of a motorist along Georgia Highway 400.

On Sunday, a motorist spotted another driver collide with a vehicle, but kept going. 

Police say Deondre Owens allegedly decided to pursue the hit-and-run driver.

A police report says Owens, at the ramp by Lenox Road, took out his rifle, a police vest, and handcuffs.

Owens allegedly removed the motorist from his vehicle and walked him over to a police officer.

He identified himself as a bail bondsman.

However, Owens has no authority to do what he did, according to noted local attorney Bruce Hagen.

A bondsman can detain an individual who may have skipped on a bond.

Atlanta police placed Owens under arrest and charged him with aggravated assault and false imprisonment.

The driver who failed to stop was not detained. He was given citations.