Man accused of taking pictures a woman and her young daughter in Haralson County general store

The Haralson County Sheriff's Office arrested a 62-year-old man accused of taking pictures a woman and her young daughter.

Investigators said the Buchanan Police Department received a call on Dec. 15 from someone concerned that a man inside Kimball's General Store was taking pictures of a child. 

The investigators got some security video from the store that shows Joseph Baine Griffith zooming his phone screen and taking pictures of "the buttocks of a mother and the buttocks and groin area of her daughter," who is under the age of 12 years old. 

Griffith was charged with two counts of Use or Installation of Device to Film Through and Individual’s Clothing Under Certain Circumstances.

"Protecting the children in our county is a priority for me", states Sheriff Stacy Williams. "A parent should be able to take their children into any store in this county and be safe, they should not have to worry about someone violating them by photographing their child’s private areas. We will always work to protect our children in Haralson County."