Man accused of killing and setting dog on fire in Virginia Highlands

Neighbors in Virginia Highlands worked together to help Atlanta Police find a man accused of a shocking crime.

On Friday morning, police were called in when neighbors reported a man setting newspaper on fire and placing it in a storm drain.

At first, police were concerned it could've been an explosive, so officers called in SWAT teams. When the team got in the drain, they found a small dog on fire in a box.

“It’s just one of the most brutal things you can do,” said Jessica Segall, who lives right next door to where the dog was found.

The word quickly spread through the neighborhood about the graphic discovery. APD said the dog had a cord tied around its neck.

“To do something like that is a level of evil that’s unexplainable,” said neighbor Bill Farrisee.

Neighbors posted security videos on social media to try to find the person responsible.

“I wanted to find this guy,” said Segall.

One neighbor did have video of the man in their yard with the dog while it was still alive.

“He’s walking up the stairs in one of our neighbor’s backyards and there’s the dog,” said Segall.

APD was able to track down the person they believe is responsible, identified as Jessie Collins, and arrested him. Collins is now facing charges for animal cruelty.