Luxury cars hauled off in raid of Cobb County home

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Luxury cars hauled off by police at a Cobb County home. Investigators said the autos are part of an illegal exotic car ring that crosses state lines. 

Heavily armed police showed up with a SWAT vehicle and K-9 at the home on Noelle Place in Powder Springs Thursday.   

"The neighborhood was surrounded by cop cars, like 15 of them. We don't really have a lot of action like this here," said neighbor Letitia Butler. 

Neighbors were tense and curious as officers searched the home and cars at the residence. FOX 5 cameras were there as a Lamborghini was loaded up on a wrecker and hauled off. Cobb County Police said they were assisting an out of state law enforcement agency. 

Neighbors said the family has rented the home for about 3 years. They said they couldn't help but notice all the luxury cars that would come and go.  

"Porsches, Range Rovers, Maseratis, a new Corvette, Luxury high-end cars," said neighbor Anita Willis. 

Her husband thought they had some kind of dealership and once considered talking to them when he was in the market for a new car. 

"We're glad the authorities are here and taking care of what needs to be done to make sure we're still safe," said Michael Willis.